Precious metal plating brought to perfection.

Job Training at Metallveredlung Kotsch GmbH

We train apprentices!

- Oberflächenbeschichter ("Surface Coater" formerly known as Galvanizer)

Our apprentices usually finish among of the top of their class, as we pay to attention to a good training.

There is a very good chance that you will be offered a permanent full employment from us once you finish the apprenticeship!

What exactly is it that a Surface Coater does?

The following German (!) pdf booklets by the ZVO give you a detailed job profile:

Here is a link to a job description in German on the site BerufeNET by the German employment agency Agentur für Arbeit:

How much is the trainee allowance?

  • 1st year of training 830 €
  • 2nd year of training 910 €
  • 3rd year of training 1000 €

We look forward to receiving your application!